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Pure Engineering LLC

Pure Engineering was originally started in 2006 to offer specialized consulting and design services for small projects and ideas. Then in 2014 Pure Engineering LLC was established as the growth of the consulting work and products exploded. Our services cover a wide range of skills starting from strategic planning and product development. We offer architecture development, applying engineering rigor to develop and assess technology that is suitable for the design. In most cases you need more than a piece of paper; this is where we can develop a proof of concept to help conceptualize your product. Beyond a concept, we will make a prototype to demonstrate the produce experience and shake out all the issues before moving to manufacturing. In most cases if we are involved early in the design process, we will design for manufacturing from the beginning ensuring you will be prepared for production. In some cases when you have hit a design block or impossible requirements, we will provide subject matter experts to find a solution. Finally as we are applied researchers at heart we love to apply our engineering backgrounds to develop unproven technologies, test out theories and live on the bleeding edge.