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The DIY-Thermocam by Max Ritter is a portable and full-featured thermographic camera that puts the FLIR Lepton and classic breakout board to great educational and practical use in an open-source DIY kit. There are over 100 parts to assemble to create a feature-rich thermal imaging development platform. In addition to the FLIR Lepton thermal imager, the kit also includes a 640x480 visible spectrum camera and is capable of multiple standalone and combined capture modes. The unit can be controlled via a wide-angle color 3.2” touch display. The firmware is Arduino C++ and completely open and modifiable. Since the design uses the classic Lepton breakout board, any current or future version of the Lepton could be inserted into the system for upgrades.

We are happy to be promoting such a complete and novel custom design that one of our customers developed using one of our own custom designs as a component.