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Solar Charge Controller SolarAmp B

Solar Charge Controller SolarAmp B

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Solar Charge Controller SolarAmp B

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Product Description


The World's Most Compact Design

SolarAmp B is the lightest 20A charge controller in the world. The size is just as tiny as a business card. and it takes less space in the control box.

Various Product Lineup

SolarAmp B has four models of products could be chosen, according to the conjunction with system voltage (12V/24V), current capacity(10A/20A), types of batteries and the function of auto night detection.


Low Self-Consumption

The self-consumption current of SolarAmp B is about 2mA. It achieves longer stability of the system. Moreover, low self-consumption has also improved the performance of the system.

Multiple Protection Circuitry

  • Over / Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection

Over-Discharged Battery Recovery

SolarAmp B automatically resumes over-discharged battery by the battery recovery function. This benefits the systems in some faraway areas where the maintenance is difficult.

Easy Installation

SolarAmp B is easy to be installed. Without any complicated setting steps, just connecting the controller to a photovoltaic module, battery, and DC load.

LED Indication

SolarAmp B is equipped with 5 LED indicators with 3 colors to indicate charging status, battery status, and load status.


Why GroupGets?

To make SolarAmp B has been seen in the global stage. This product is developed by our R&D division. It sold very well in the Japanese domestic market. We would like to promote it in overseas markets.

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14 Days

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GroupGets will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

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