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Enabling Low Power Embedded Compute Applications with MistySOM
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Built around the Renesas RZ family of microprocessors, MistySOM enables efficient and flexible development of embedded compute applications.

Ruggedized for industrial temperatures and offering super long term firmware support via a CIP kernel based Linux BSP. They include a dual core Cortex-A55, single core Cortex-M33 CPU, 32 GB eMMC, and 2 GB DDR4. MistySOM will be available in two versions:

  • MistySOM-G2L (MW-G2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) - A lower cost general purpose SOM built around the RZ/G2L MPU, ideal for use in industrial and commercial computing applications
  • MistySOM-V2L (MW-V2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) - A power-efficient computer vision SOM with AI acceleration built around the RZ/V2L MPU, well suited for low power object detection, and classification, and localization.

In order to use the SOM without creating your own development board we’ve created MistyCarrier (MW-V2L-G2L-I-WWB-V0), a carrier board for both MistySOM-G2L and MistySOM-V2L that exposes a wise range of industry standard interfaces.

MistyWest is committed to supporting all MistySOM adoptors and will be releasing as many design files and supportive documentation as possible. This will be added to our public GitHub as it becomes available. 

The MistySOM-G2L variant is the default for this group buy. Add "Upgrade to V2L SOM (Accessory)" at checkout to get the V2L variant instead. 

About MistySOM-G2L

Download the MW-G2L product brief.

MistySOM-G2L (MW-G2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) is ideal for use in industrial and commercial computing applications where low power, reliability, and costs are critical. Its  Images and video can be captured through the 4 lane MIPI-CSI interface and with the onboard codec efficiently h.264 encoded. The SOM also supports dual ethernet and CANBus interface.

Target Applications for MistySOM-G2L

  • Barcode Scanner System / Self-Checkout
  • Industrial Human-Machine-Interface (HMI)
  • Portable Equipment
  • Network Gateway or Hub
  • Precision Time Synchronization
  • General Single Board Computer
  • Wearable Camera


About MistySOM-V2L

Download the MW-V2L product brief.

MistySOM-V2L (MW-V2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) replaces the RZ/G2L SoC of the MistySOM-G2L with the RZ/V2L, a pin-compatible SoC that includes an NPU called DRP-AI. MistySOM-V2L includes all of the same interface as the G2L version.

The NPU (DRP-AI) of the RZ/V2L SoC enables Jetson Nano-like performance for embedded video applications while using 50% less power. For example,MistySOM-V2L is capable of running some versions of YOLO at >20FPS without a heatsink. The DRP-AI NPU supports the following AI models with support for many more coming soon:

  • Resnet-18/34/50
  • MobileNet v1
  • MobileNet v2
  • TinyYOLOv2
  • TinyYOLOv3
  • YOLOv2
  • YOLOv3
  • HRNet
  • DeepLabv3

Target Applications for MistySOM-V2L

  • Sports Cameras and Movement Tracking
  • Retail and Logistics Automation
  • Building Management / People Counting
  • Smart Transportation / Traffic Monitoring
  • Food Waste Detection
  • Construction monitoring
  • Animal Tracking
  • Smart Agriculture


MistySOM Block Diagram

About MistyCarrier

Download the MistyCarrier product brief.

MistyCarrier (MW-V2L-G2L-I-WWB-V0) enables a quick way to start development of customized solutions. As a commitment to customer success design files for our carrier boards will be open sourced. 

MistyCarrier is designed with low power, industrial applications in mind. The board includes sense resistors for measuring system currents and jumpers to disable interfaces. An MCU was added to allow a true low power sleep state for the whole system which should be at or below the self-discharge rate of standard lithium batteries. Finally an industrially rated super capacitor was added to support the RTC without a battery. 


MistyCarrier Block Diagram


Who is MistyWest?

Through the design of intelligent connected devices, MistyWest is an engineering design consultancy that exists to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. We've worked on many low power device applications, from polar bear tracking devices to sensors that enable subsurface discovery for ethical mining.

We’ve committed ourselves to enabling easier and more efficient development of intelligent connected devices through industrially rated embedded compute solutions after struggling to source appropriate solutions for our clients over and over again.

We’ve selected Renesas as our SoC partner because of their industry leading supply chain practices, exciting product pipeline, and established AI framework support. MistyWest plans to add support for other Renesas product lines in the future.

Buying your SOMs from an experienced design services firm like MistyWest enables fast and efficient support as your product progresses from prototyping to high volume, chip-down design.

Reach out to us at mistysom@mistywest.com if you’d like to know more about our experience.


Additional Media

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MistySOM: The Ultimate Low Power Computer Vision SOM by MistyWest - GroupGets (YouTube)

How to Cross The Embedded Computing Valley of Death - IoT One / Industrial IoT Spotlight

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Enabling Low Power Computer Vision Applications with MistySOM - MistyWest


Warranty & Returns

In addition to the standard GroupGets Refund Policy. Campaign supporters will receive free replacements of any MistyWest products purchased through this campaign for 365 days following delivery of your product.

Email help@groupgets.com to initiate any replacement requests by describing the reason for requesting a replacement. All reasonable reasons for requesting a replacement will be approved automatically and tracked to enable us to improve MistySOM. 

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One SOM. Get the G2L base version or upgrade to the V2L for $5. The carrier board is available for purchase as an accessory.

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Campaign Active, scheduled end date: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 08:55:00 PST

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35 Days

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MistySOM Carrier Board

For more information please refer to the MistyCarrier Board Product Brief.

Upgrade to MistySOM-V2L


Add one for each MistySOM-G2L which you would like to upgrade to MistySOM-V2L.


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