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Particle Squared

Particle Squared

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Product Details


Particle Squared

Brand / Manufacturer

Jared Wolff

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Product Description

The Problem

You ever find yourself sneezing inside your home and wondering “What the heck?! What is making me sneeze?”

I had that same question.

After wildfires have ravaged parts of the USA and smog has loomed in our skies it’s become more important than ever to make sure you’re breathing clean air. Some folks may just go by an air purifier. But, how do you know it works? How do you know if it’s powerful enough to protect your whole space?

Like a scientist, you can test it with Particle Squared.

What is it?

Particle squared is an all-in-one air quality sensor for Particle and Feather based development boards (development board not included). It brings together a trio of sensors to give you as many data points as possible. That way, there won’t be anything missing when you go to measure the air inside your home or workplace.

Here’s what’s on board:

Particulate Sensing

The most important sensor is the Honeywell HPMA115S0 dust sensor (available as a purchase option). This sensor counts the concentration of potentially harmful particulates in the air. It can detect both large particles 10µm in diameter and smaller ones less than 2.5µm in diameter. These readings are known as PM10 and PM2.5 respectively.

Sensing Volatile Compounds

Second to that, is the AMS CCS811. This senses volatile organic compounds and eC02. These types of readings are useful in places where there may be combustion. (Think stoves, furnaces, etc) It can act as an early warning mechanism. That way you stay safe, happy and healthy!

Temperature and Humidity

Finally, the Silicon Labs Si7021 temperature and humidity sensor. These readings can be used on their own. Additionally they’re used by the CCS811 to compute an accurate TVOC and C02.

Flexible Power Sources

No outlet nearby where you want to measure? No problem!

You can easily plug in almost any lithium polymer battery to your Particle or Feather based board and use it immediately. Particle Squared has extra circuitry that allow you to use either USB or battery power. How great is that?



What are people saying about it?


I have a similar setup I build with sensors off Adafruit and have been thinking of designing my own PCBA to integrate all of them, this saves me the time! Thank you! - Nicholas J


Thank you for integrating them on a single Featherwing format! - D


I love what you did to measure the air quality. -C

Why GroupGets?

In order to keep the product cost low, manufacturing requires a minimum order.

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Particle Squared

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Factory Lead Time

14 Days

Shipping Details

The seller will handle the shipment of orders for this product.

Options and Add-Ons

Honeywell HPMA115S0 Air Quality & Dust Sensor


The Honeywell HPMA115S0 dust sensor tells you how many micrograms of material is floating around in a cubic volume of space. The Particle Squared was designed to be used with this exact sensor.

Includes cable.

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    JT Zemp

    I'm sure I could look up the datasheets and compare myself, but I was wondering if you knew if the HPMA115S0 pinout is compatible with any of the Plantower sensors like the pms5003 or pms7003. I've got a couple of those already and would love to put them to use.

  • Avatar

    Hey JT,

    They appear not to be 100% pin compatible. The cables are quite easy to swap though. The connector looks similar but I don't have one of these devices on hand so you may want to double check yourself.

    Here's the Digikey part number for the cable end:

    And for the connector itself:


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