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Hamamatsu C14384MA-01 Mini-spectrometer SMD series

Hamamatsu C14384MA-01 Mini-spectrometer SMD series

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Hamamatsu C14384MA-01 Mini-spectrometer SMD series

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Product Description

The Hamamatsu C14384MA-01 is an ultra-compact grating type spectrometer that provides high sensitivity in the near infrared region (640 to 1050 nm). As such, it is capable of acquiring continuous spectrum. The product has been downsized through Hamamatsu's unique optical design, which helps to further reduce the size of mobile devices.

This is the third Hamamatsu spectrometer that we are offering via group buy on our site. The previous two, the C12666MA and the C12880MA, both went on to do over 20 group buy rounds. The C14384MA-01 is the first surface mount variant of the three, allowing for more compact designs. Note that we have not yet designed a breakout board for this new part. If this campaign funds, we will produce a C14384MA breakout board and all backers of this campaign will get a complimentary one. We will ship the C14384MA before shipping the breakout board.


  • Ultra-compact: 11.7 × 4.0 × 3.1 mm(Flexible cable not included)
  • Ultra-lightweight: 0.3 g
  • Spectral response range: 640 to 1050 nm
  • High sensitivity: 50 times (λ=1000 nm) the previous product (C11708MA)
  • Flexible cable included




  • Spectral response range: 640 to 1050
  • Spectral resolution (FWHM) (typ.): 17 nm
  • Spectral resolution (FWHM) (max.): 20 nm
  • Cooling: Non-cooled
  • Built-in sensor: High-sensitivity CMOS linear image sensor with a slit
  • Number of total pixels: 256 (including optical black) pixels
  • Measurement condition: Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted


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One C14384MA-01, One breakout board

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60 Days

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